Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fireworks & Eclipse

I woke up this morning feeling a bit grumpy. I couldn't come up with a good reason as to why I was grumpy but just was. Unfortunatly it was July 4th and everyone else seemed to be in a pretty upbeat mood. Don't you hate that. I spend my morning in my room watching Bravo's lame reality shows while my mom was in the living trying to beat our scores in bejeweled, while Dan and Dad tried to beat eachothers scores on Wii golf. The whole family was meeting up tonight for the firworks at the park, however Dan and I opted out. Instead we went to see Eclipse. Then out to dinner and driving around. I hate to be such a humbug but can't see to help it today. Not the 4th weekend I was hoping for but atleast I am not sitting at my desk until Tuesday.
I hope everyone else had a very enjoyable weekend and was safe.
Hugs until next post.

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